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Many times, people assume a traffic violation is too minor of an offense to hire an attorney, so they simply appear in court, plead guilty and hope for the best. However, even minor traffic violations can have a significant impact on your insurance rates, driving privileges and criminal record.

If you received a traffic violation in Newark or Jersey City, New Jersey, the experienced attorneys at Shapiro & Sternlieb, LLC can help you seek the best outcome in your case. Call us today at (732) 617-8050 to discuss your case for free.

Aggressive Legal Counsel for New Jersey Traffic Violations

Many New Jersey attorneys don’t take their clients’ traffic tickets seriously enough. Since these lawyers see so many cases, they often take an assembly-line approach to their defense strategies and handle all traffic violation cases the same way.

At Shapiro & Sternlieb, LLC, we always look at cases individually and seek unique, creative solutions to defend your rights, driving privileges and record. There could have been a problem with the officer’s use of a radar gun, or perhaps even a constitutional violation occurred. We leave no stone unturned when working to minimize the damage of your traffic violation charges.

With almost 60 years of combined experience, we have gained considerable knowledge and skill related to defending against traffic violation charges, including:

  • Speeding
  • Careless driving
  • Driving without insurance
  • Driving with a suspended or revoked license
  • Leaving the scene of an auto accident

Traffic crimes are more serious, and carry hefty penalties. We can also help defend you from criminal charges such as:

Why Choose Shapiro & Sternlieb, LLC?

Traffic violations are based on complicated police procedures conducted by officers who may lack proper training. At Shapiro & Sternlieb, LLC, we will fight your traffic violation by closely examining the details of your charges, your prior record of responsible driving and other factors to try to get your charges reduced or dismissed.

In the event of a conviction for a traffic crime, we can argue for treatment, monitoring programs and probation to reduce your sentence.

One of the hallmarks of our New Jersey law firm is preparation. When preparing your case, we will look into every aspect of your violation to get you the best outcome possible.

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