New Jersey Lawyer Verdicts and Settlements

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Shapiro & Sternlieb, LLC is dedicated to obtaining the financial recoveries their clients deserve. Following is a sample of our results:


Recovered for an injured construction worker.


Recovered from a wrongful death claim which resulted from a motor vehicle accident.


Recovered from a medical malpractice case, which occurred when the treating obstetricians failed to interpret some abnormalities during the second trimester ultrasound of the client’s pregnancy. Due to the negligence, the infant was born with severe developmental delays and neurological deficits.


Recovered for the family of a victim of medical malpractice which resulted in a wrongful death.


Recovered for the victim of medical malpractice, which occurred during a cardiovascular procedure.


Recovered from a personal injury claim that resulted from plaintiff being forced to play field hockey on injury, which led to the development of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome. Also resulted in the Plaintiff needing psychiatric treatment.


Recovered for a pedestrian struck and injured by a tow truck - Rattner v. Serafin Service Center, et. al.


Recovered from a work-related injury as a construction worker that resulted in permanent disability. Over one million dollars paid in medical bills.


recovered for the widow and children of a victim of medical malpractice, which occurred when a hospital nurse administered the wrong pain medication. Prior to taking the case, other law firms had advised the client she had no case - Maguire v. Patricia Monahan, LPN, et, al.


recovered for the victim of medical malpractice, which occurred during an elective back surgery. The settlement was reached during the second week of trial - Case name is confidential pursuant to settlement agreement.